Saturday, 2 September 2017

AOTY predictions or whatever

Animes of the year. All animes of the year!

Pewdiedie reviews whisky

because why not? also bill murray whiskey included.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Not-a-review of Meatless Taco Filling

Sorry, forgot to take a photo and can't find the brand online.

Look: It looks like reddish minced meat.

Smell: It frankly reminds of the much dreaded "Yellow Rice" combat rations in de army. Smells of stale oil and spices.

Taste: The spices seem similar to what was used in Taco Bell beef tacos except it's made with soya beans so it doesn't taste like meat.

Overall: Tried eating it with jasmine rice. Tastes kinda bland when eaten with rice?  I didn't have any wraps to eat it with. 5/10 I guess. Overpriced at the original price, but I bought it at a discount.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Little witch academia, NOT my review

I didn't watch 'cause Horriblesubs didn't share it and I don't Crunchyroll

NOT a review of Sangaria Roasted Coffee VS Roast Coffee-Low Sugar

Sorry. Don't have a better quality pic that shows the various versions.

Taste: Tastes like roasted coffee. Duh. I'll say the low sugar version has just the right amount of sugar for my taste buds with the roasty flavour still being more significant. The regular roast coffee somehow taste like it's  more bitter even though it's suppose to have more sugar. Weird. They're suppose to be milk coffee, but you'll hardly taste the milk which is fine by me as I was really looking for Black coffee but the only black coffee Daiso had was pure black coffee with no sugar at all. Too hardcore!

Look: It has pics of FLAMING CHARCOAL on it.  Doubt they used charcoal though.

Cost: 2 SGD for 2 X 185ml cans(Total: 370ml). Probably not worth it unless you really like roasted coffee. Better off buying a 500ml bottle of coffee.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Ninja Slayer saving anime!


Not a review of SNICKERS SHAKE(a chocolate milk drink)

Look: It looks like chocolate milk in a bottle with a convienent(sp?) nozzle cap more usually seen in sports bottles.

Taste:  It tastes ALMOST exactly like a Snickers chocolate bar except the caramel flavour tasted more like salted roast caramel. Interesting flavour but not for everyone I guess. The peanuty taste is more significant than the caramel.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Not a review of BLT mcchiken

it's a relatively good price for a chickenburger /bacon. but i duuno why it cost 60 cents more for extra lettuce. there's also no option for extra cheese from the self-serve/pay by card station.

taste like a mcchicken but with chicken bacon and better quality lettuce and a tomato. would eat again if they don't take it off the menu. variations of chicken burgers don't seem popular round here.

the lime sauce for the fish burger sounds gross.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Sorrry for lack of updates

So here's some video picks regarding cheeses. Because cheese , man. Why wouldn't you like cheese?

Why Cheddar is Orange When Milk is White

Warning: chemistry lesson of sorts.

How is blue cheese made?


How is nancho cheese made?(homemade anyways)

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Not a Review of le Carl's Jr's Beer Burger & Fries(Singapoor Edition)

According to an amurikan youtuber, the beer burger should have a kinda weird beer aftertaste. I couldn't taste it, but then again I had a blocked nose. Maybe the taste is too subtle? Anyways, it doesn't taste much different from a Famous Star burger, except it had bacon and this yellow creamy kinda sauce. (it was cheese but didn't taste like cheese???)

As for the beer fries... still can't taste the beer. It had bacon too, but shredded. Also had decent amount of cheese sauce covering it. Pretty filling. Must be at least 500 calories of fries there. Not sure if it's worth the extra SGD 3.50 for the "upgrade" to beer fries though.

3 outta 5 stars I guess.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Pee See Mustard Rice

"Console gamers are not the common enemy. Modern consoles are.

I feel it's important to include this information in the article as soon as possible, since a lot of people get the wrong impression going in and don't take information to heart until they realize they're being educated rather than scolded... I should also point out that it's well-known that past consoles outperformed PCs, but that was the past. This is now. Things are different. The openness of the PC was bound to be taken advantage of eventually, and what triggered it is the stagnation of the console market. And, now that the console market has stagnated and the PC is a viable alternative, it's very possible that traditional consoles with total control under a single corporation is entirely going to vanish.

Sony and Microsoft give you an inferior system, charge you a lot of extra money for it, and make you hold on to the pieces of junk for 8 years before they give you the option of (measly) upgrades. By selling you these systems, they lock you into their overpriced ecosystem, helping them further the cycle with their ill-acquired money. They don't let you play with friends unless you pay. They don't let you play with friends that bought the other systems at all. They don't let developers directly sell you the game - they charge for dev kits and include royalties, which massively decreases their profits over that of the PC version. When you take into account the business strategy of these companies, you'll find that it's all just one big greedy systematic ripoff of uneducated consumers. They're holding your favorite games hostage on their closed platforms because they know you'll buy into it. If everyone went with a PC and disregarded this disgusting behavior, these developers wouldn't be so easily convinced to support these "next-gen" consoles. So, do yourself and the industry a favor and go with a PC. PC exists because it's an excellent platform and for no other reason than that. Nobody's advertising it. Nobody's cutting deals with Frito Lay to get it stamped on Dorito bags. Nobody's running a 'PC booth' at gaming festivals. PC exists and thrives simply because it is freaking glorious. XBox and PlayStation consoles exist because their parent corporations hijack developers (and games) that people love and cancel ports to competing platforms (other consoles as well as PC), and force fans of these games to pay a 'hardware ransom' to play it. The PC is open, cheap, customizable, and powerful. Your best interests are always at hand, no matter how arrogant some PC gamers may seem when they speak negatively of the "anti-gamer" consoles. For anyone that's offended, I am truly sorry... but if you're going to get offended over this guide then you probably had no intention of giving PC a chance in the first place. Just remember: PC gaming is superior to console gaming, but the gamers themselves are neither superior or inferior to one another: they're just people with varying degrees of understanding. Fight the misinformation, fight the false advertising, and fight the anti-gaming console monopoly. Long live freedom, long live affordable and beautiful gaming, and long live the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race!"

BUT... I love Doritoes! Best corny chips evah!! EVAH!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Never Give Up Your Salary Details

Here is Frank on another call with a different recruiter:
Recruiter: So Frank, what are you earning now?
Frank: My salary target is $70K. Is that in line with the opportunity you have on your desk?
Recruiter: It is. They can go up to about $75K.
Frank: Okay,  great  then it makes sense for us to keep talking. What can you tell me about the job?

i looove anchovy sauce!

How Its Made: Worcestershire Sauce

Saga Frontier 2 Ending

I love spoilering myself. Never played it and yes, it's surprisingly short for a game which forces you to play through different varied characters/scenarios to get to the ending.

Del Taco Soft Taco - Food Review

??? why not if wrap it up so the cheese won't fall out?!?!?

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

NOT a review of Seoul Yummy

That name is such a ripoff of Seoul Garden except it's not focused on buffets.

I tried the Buffet option with a ginseng chicken soup base hotpot. It starts with a standard serving of almost all the ingredients on the buffet menu... incl too much poor-quality chopped cabbage. Also luncheon meat in a hotpot is a bad idea. Do coreans really do that???

Soup tasted good with the veggies and rice noodles but was otherwise bland when paired with the various meats. The sea urchin was actually SU paste injected into a colorful fishball thingy. Tasted good but when eaten straight out of the pot, the hot steaming paste fucking burns my tongue. Got a similar tongue burning experience when eating the cheese-fill lobster ball. I doubt it's real lobster though.

Overall 7/10... Maybe the spicier soup options taste better but mah asshole was feeling burnt out that day.

Damage taken : ~13 SGD for the outlet at Marina Square (Singapore). Extra $1.90 for a free flow of either barley tea or lemon tea with that fibregel stuff innit.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

(Indian)Pancake buffet

If the number of shares for our prata guide is any indication, we Singaporeans love prata. The good news is, the prata gods have heard our call and presented this malevolent gift of a PRATA BUFFET to all who believe in the power of prata. Previously known as Prata Corner, Al Jasra Restaurant near Kembangan MRT Station has all-you-can-eat prata with all kinds of flavours for just S$7.90

However according to zuckerberg's reviewers, they can't handle the crowds at all and have been cutting corners or restricting number of orders.

"FREE" food ! (in Singapoor)

Here are some of the places that provide free meals:
Singapore Buddhist Lodge. The Kim Yan Road temple serves free vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7am to 7pm. All are welcome regardless of their race or religion. In the queue one can find all sorts of people, from the homeless, unemployed, foreign students, foreign construction workers and of course some freeloaders who work nearby.
The Central Sikh Temple. The temple in Jalan Bukit Merah provides free vegetarian Indian lunches every day.
Nativity Church. This Catholic church at the end of Upper Serangoon Road provides free breakfast and lunch every day.

of cose you're expected to make a small donation after the meal ... especially if you're one of the contractor jerks who told their gaijin contruction employees to get their free shit at such places.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Girl eats 5X KFC Chizza because why not?!?

What is a Carls Jr. Budweiser Beer Cheese Bacon Burger ???

taku and maid

Failed Fast Food (incl Tacos)

This fast-food chain left Singapore in 2008 because tacos weren’t exactly suitable for the taste buds of many Singaporeans. Seems like we still prefer our cai png and lor mee after all.

Taco/Tako trivia (Saga Frontier minor chara)

T260G is one of three characters who can be renamed at the beginning. However, a G will always be added to the end of the name, at Uncle Taco's request.

Uncle Taco
The expert mec engineer Taco,* who wears a hard hat as if to imply “Safety First.” He lives in Junk and also acts as Rose and Thyme’s guardian. Taking notes on each and every one of T260G’s parts, he was able to construct an unexpectedly delicate face.

*In case you didn’t know, Taco → Tako, which is Japanese for “octopus.” Ba dum tss!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Amigo mah tacos


Taco Bell- A peek behind the counter: How the food is made

the last time i was at a taco bell, it wasn't very good.and it diedfast. got relaced by a kfc.

The What If? Game Ft. Daniel Radcliffe

LGR - Nokia 3310 "Indestructible Phone" Retrospective

Taking a nostalgic look back at the cell phone that so many online consider to be the very symbol of robust build quality in tech: the original Nokia 3310 from the year 2000. And also comparing it to the 5110 and 3390 models that were popular in the USA!

PDD plays that DOA beach game


Yeah I'm linking that shit.

Blogger vs. WordPress: Good to Know!

Huh wot? I basically have unlimited space on blogger?!?! Cool bones. Thank you, googlebot overlords!

Download my "book" FREE, 18-19th March

A sampler of my short stories and poetry.

And... if you actually wanna buy the damn thing, link is below for the "full" version. I don't actually get paid for it (yet)because it's NOT selling like hotcakes and because USA taxcodes and stuff.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Brexit Now   

dddddd.... IT'S HAPPENING! 2 years later...  and 60 billion pounds? c'mon ,brits have been paying EU's bills since forever(the 70s). EU sounds like bunch of ungrateful blood suckers right now.
Makoto stuck in a world where beauty is considered normal.

AKA Tumblr Shrugged, the manga /LN

Is Bangladesh the next ISIS hotspot? -CNN

Talking to CNN last month, Bangladesh's Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu pointed a finger loosely at the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and its ally Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) -- the country's largest Islamist party.
But when he talked again to CNN earlier this month, Inu had honed his accusation into a movie analogy.
"The answer is very simple," he said, responding to a question about who was masterminding the spate of ongoing attacks. "The Producer is the BNP. The Director is JI. The small actors on the ground are ABT, JMB, and other militant Islamist networks."

Ayy. ISIS is nationalism! ?

WHAM! Music From The Edge Of Heaven

For some reason it was a mini- album only sold in Japan /USA?

For the record.

I am NOT Ronian Siew OR  Ronan Siew.  It was just some bullshit blog name I came up with to post a Nassim Taleb book review. I think I was just jealous of some guy named Ronian Siew who's some big shot in optics.

So yeah, not trying to impersonate anyone or steal identities. I am NOT Ronian Siew. I have no idea that other Ronan guy is. I'm sure he's a flithy normie though. Kekeke.

Who the flying fuck is Ronian Siew anywhere?*