Wednesday, 22 March 2017

NOT a review of Seoul Yummy

That name is such a ripoff of Seoul Garden except it's not focused on buffets.

I tried the Buffet option with a ginseng chicken soup base hotpot. It starts with a standard serving of almost all the ingredients on the buffet menu... incl too much poor-quality chopped cabbage. Also luncheon meat in a hotpot is a bad idea. Do coreans really do that???

Soup tasted good with the veggies and rice noodles but was otherwise bland when paired with the various meats. The sea urchin was actually SU paste injected into a colorful fishball thingy. Tasted good but when eaten straight out of the pot, the hot steaming paste fucking burns my tongue. Got a similar tongue burning experience when eating the cheese-fill lobster ball. I doubt it's real lobster though.

Overall 7/10... Maybe the spicier soup options taste better but mah asshole was feeling burnt out that day.

Damage taken : ~13 SGD for the outlet at Marina Square (Singapore). Extra $1.90 for a free flow of either barley tea or lemon tea with that fibregel stuff innit.