Saturday, 2 September 2017

AOTY predictions or whatever

Animes of the year. All animes of the year!

Pewdiedie reviews whisky

because why not? also bill murray whiskey included.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Not-a-review of Meatless Taco Filling

Sorry, forgot to take a photo and can't find the brand online.

Look: It looks like reddish minced meat.

Smell: It frankly reminds of the much dreaded "Yellow Rice" combat rations in de army. Smells of stale oil and spices.

Taste: The spices seem similar to what was used in Taco Bell beef tacos except it's made with soya beans so it doesn't taste like meat.

Overall: Tried eating it with jasmine rice. Tastes kinda bland when eaten with rice?  I didn't have any wraps to eat it with. 5/10 I guess. Overpriced at the original price, but I bought it at a discount.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Little witch academia, NOT my review

I didn't watch 'cause Horriblesubs didn't share it and I don't Crunchyroll

NOT a review of Sangaria Roasted Coffee VS Roast Coffee-Low Sugar

Sorry. Don't have a better quality pic that shows the various versions.

Taste: Tastes like roasted coffee. Duh. I'll say the low sugar version has just the right amount of sugar for my taste buds with the roasty flavour still being more significant. The regular roast coffee somehow taste like it's  more bitter even though it's suppose to have more sugar. Weird. They're suppose to be milk coffee, but you'll hardly taste the milk which is fine by me as I was really looking for Black coffee but the only black coffee Daiso had was pure black coffee with no sugar at all. Too hardcore!

Look: It has pics of FLAMING CHARCOAL on it.  Doubt they used charcoal though.

Cost: 2 SGD for 2 X 185ml cans(Total: 370ml). Probably not worth it unless you really like roasted coffee. Better off buying a 500ml bottle of coffee.