Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Not a Review of le Carl's Jr's Beer Burger & Fries(Singapoor Edition)

According to an amurikan youtuber, the beer burger should have a kinda weird beer aftertaste. I couldn't taste it, but then again I had a blocked nose. Maybe the taste is too subtle? Anyways, it doesn't taste much different from a Famous Star burger, except it had bacon and this yellow creamy kinda sauce. (it was cheese but didn't taste like cheese???)

As for the beer fries... still can't taste the beer. It had bacon too, but shredded. Also had decent amount of cheese sauce covering it. Pretty filling. Must be at least 500 calories of fries there. Not sure if it's worth the extra SGD 3.50 for the "upgrade" to beer fries though.

3 outta 5 stars I guess.

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